Take it From an Ex-monk or From an Expert – But Take This Stuff Into Account

Been listening to a ton of podcasts lately.

I love how it makes the brain swell up with information.

Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, John Jantsch, Chris Ducker, Derek Halpern… smart people interviewing smart people.

In many of the talks I’ve been hearing, there are two key notions that keep coming back – at one moment from an author, later from a researcher, then it’s an entrepreneur – whatever direction people come from, those who broke through and reached success, they all keep reverting to two things:


1: People choose (or purchase) based on emotions

2: You’re not going anywhere without grit, tenacity, and character


Pertinent to the first point: You could explain how your stuff works till you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t also emotionally engage the reader, you’re only talking to half of your customer.

And as much as they’ll understand what it is, what it does, how it works, why it’s worth the money and why it would really help them to buy from you – they won’t if you don’t manage to trigger emotional responses.


The second point – well that’s one of my favourite topics, innit?

I mean, you’re never going to finish things if you don’t finish them.

If you want to make a tortilla for 100 people, you’re going to break and beat 200 eggs. If you give up halfway through, there won’t be enough to go round.

Which is so painfully obvious – and yet when it comes to being in business, or building an audience or list, or a social media following of real and active people – folks just give up way too soon.

You’ll be busy trying to drive traffic – you’ll spend some money on ads, a ho’ bunch of time following and interacting – and after a few months, you decide it’s not working?

I don’t know, Bub. It ain’t gonna work if you don’t MAKE it work.

And yes, that means soldiering on, even when it sucks, when you’re depressed, when you’re broke, or when you want to set things on fire.

Can’t give up, not if this stuff is ever going to work.

You can take it from a severe expert like Paul Tough (Google that guy), or you can take it from an old ex-monk.

Doesn’t matter who you go with, just so long as you stick with your plan and push on through.

It’s the only way to get anything done, and giving up is a perfect guarantee that it won’t.

Push on through with what, though?

Oh I dunno – whatever floats your boat.

Me, I’m happy to simply listen, explain, ask and profit.

Here’s how that works and how you can learn the same methods I use –> http://martinstellar.com/leapfrog-your-business/



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