Symptoms and Causes

An evening stroll through town in the company of a good friend… a warm breeze and excellent conversation, when suddenly from a 1st floor window comes a wrathful voice:

“I’ve had enough! I’ve had too much!!!”

“Well you’d better not have any more then”, quips my friend.

Wiser words were rarely spoken, but little did she know how accurate she was.

I happen to know the owner of that wrathful voice, and it’s a person who frequently has enough, most of the time probably more than enough, or indeed: too much.

Too much drink, is what I mean. More than once, I’ve seen that person needing to steady themselves against wall or table, completely pissed. Knocking things over, nearly falling down the stairs… that kind of drunk. Holding up the lamp post, as it were.

They said ‘I’ve had enough’ and probably meant the constant bickering with their spouse, but that bickering is nothing more than a symptom.

The real ‘enough’ here, in my view on things, is the drink.

Made me think:

How often do we say ‘enough’ to a symptom, instead of a cause?

For example, you might feel you’ve had enough of a feast/famine cycle in your business – but that cycle is nothing but a symptom.

The cause might be ‘not showing up’, or limiting beliefs around money, or procrastination, or being stuck in learn-mode without ever getting to the implementation phase, and so on.

So today, I invite you to contemplate:

Think of something that you’re well and truly done with. Something you have really, really, had enough of.

Got one?


Now write that on the right side of a sheet of paper with the word ‘symptom’ above it, and on the left start brainstorming causes, under the header, of course: Causes.

Take some time for this… try to dig deep, create an exhaustive list of causes, and keep at it until you have no other ideas.

Out of the list, pick the cause that’s either the biggest problem, or the easiest to fix.

And now for the fun part, the sharp and pointy question (I am, after all, a coach):

Ask yourself ‘Have I had enough yet of creating this cause?’

Feel free to drop me a line and tell me your situation… I’m curious what you discovered…



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