Sure do Love my Clients

Some days, my emails just write themselves.

Or rather, get written for me by happy clients.

Like Inge, for example:


“Martin’s Mentorship Program is exactly what I needed. As a small business owner, writing good blog posts is important to me. But it’s also hard. I’ve taken online writing and blogging classes, but those still left a gap.

Martin’s service fills that gap by editing my own writing attempts. His comments go wide and deep;

he covers content organization, message and tone, and the right tools to use to keep the reader positively engaged.

Martin provides a truly personalized and unique, high value service.
If you want to get better at writing your blog posts, I highly recommend you give it a try.”

~ Inge de Bleecker, Principal/User Experience Architect at


She says something astute in her second line: “…fills a gap…”

That’s exactly what coaching (or mentorship) is about: Looking at what’s there, identifying bottlenecks and potential problems, and then offering suggestions and solutions to fix those.

This is what makes a personalised coaching service so effective: you don’t get cookiecutter lessons.

Instead, you get direct, written-for-you feedback based on your quality of writing and the progress that you’re making as you go along.

Do you want those same fast improvements in your writing that Inge and my other students are enjoying?

Then sign up here for my mentorship program –>

So that you too could be experiencing this:


Absolutely got loads from that first report. Still going through it and enhancing what I’ve written.

There’s loads of great stuff in that report. Will send it back over to you for another review over the weekend if that’s okay.

~ Bill E.


Want that for yourself?

Then be warned: It’s not cheap (but so very worth it).

And, I’ll make you work for your improvements: I’ll be the monkey on your back keeping you writing, over and over again, better and better all the time.

This kind of mentorship isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those people who want to invest in their business, and who are ready to put in the hours that will make you a persuasive and compelling writer.

One more thing: we’re talking about coaching plus extra: You can also send me questions about things like traffic, conversion and SEO, which I answer for free as long as we’re working together.

A healthier business? More sales ahoy

Get your writing coach here:


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