Sure, Believe Whatever You Want… But That Don’t Make it True

Some people believe the Holocaust didn’t happen, others that god is a flying spaghetti monster from outer space (true: they call themselves pastafarians), and there’s also a large group of people who believe the earth is flat (also true. They even try to use science to prove their point. And fail miserably, hilariously, and unscientifically).

And I’m sure there’s people who believe even crazier things.

The thing that all beliefs have in common, is that they tell us that something is or isn’t true.

And with the examples above, we know that no matter how hard you believe it, it simply isn’t true.

Your conviction doesn’t make anything true, no matter how convinced you are.

Now, you don’t need to be as crazy as a flat-earther in order to believe things that clearly are not true.

In fact, everybody (yes, even you the fully-science-minded) believes things. We simply do not have enough data, or processing power for the existing data available to us, to correctly assess whether or not everything is or isn’t true. We simply can’t know, which means that we’ll always have to have beliefs. And that’s fine.

What isn’t fine though, is believing things that aren’t true, especially when those beliefs are based on assumptions.

A glib, cop-out act of saying ‘This phenomenon here probably means XYZ, so I’ll run with that and act accordingly’.

It’s like taking a map you drew yourself, and walking into the wilderness with it. Not a good idea.

Instead, test your beliefs. Because you made them yourself, and you just might have made an error somewhere.

Always ask yourself ‘Is this really true?’.

If your automatic reaction is ‘well yes of course!’ you just might be mistaken. And you can find out if you are or not.

Some of my favourite beliefs to challenge, with clients?

“I can’t raise my prices! This is all the market will pay”.

I’ve consistently seen that belief proven wrong, which I assure you is a ton of fun, for my clients as well as me.

Another one I love shooting down?

“If I raise my prices, my revenue will go down!”

An understandable fear, but in all cases where one of my clients raised their rates, I’ve seen revenue stay the same, or even go up.

Imagine how it feels when you see *that* belief fall to bits:

You never thought you could, but you doubled your rates. You saw half your customers walk away, and ended up earning the same, for less work done, from the customers who stayed… How cool is that?

Just one of the many ways in which working with a coach can be a ton of fun.

So let me know when you’re ready to get yourself some of that…



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