Sunbathing in December

9AM on a windy, but sunny morning in December. Location: South coast of Spain.

As my coffee arrives I get out my notebooks for my daily intentionality reflection.

Nice day out, but windy and chilly.

In the distance a summer-sight approaches:

A beach-goer in flip flops, shorts and t-shirt. Foldable chair in one hand, linen bag with parasol over his shoulder…

This guy is ready for some heavy-duty time on the beach, battle dress and all.

Except I – and the other locals, wrapped in shawls and warm coats – know that the guy won’t last 30 minutes. Unless he’s tough, and will last long enough to catch a pneumonia.

A sensible person would know that even on the Costa Tropical, December is not the month for sunbathing.

Not with the way the wind blows here (it used to be called ‘The Windy Coast’, before tourism landed and a rebrand into ‘Costa Tropical’ was launched) and the Sierra Nevada mountains with their icy peaks less than 60 KMS away.

But this guy, he’s on a mission and it’s called holidays – and he shall have his sunbathing, dammit. There’s sun out, right? Well then.

Everyone with more than two fingers of forehead will say it’s unwise, and that we’d never do such a thing.

Except we do – we all make silly decisions for no better reason than being attached to an idea. We just do it at subtler levels than Mr Sunbathe, that’s all.

Examples: Sticking with a strategy despite the numbers showing you it needs adjusting.

Staying in a relationship even though our heart screams at us, telling us it’s change or die (“Shut up and sit down, heart. I know what’s best” never worked out well for anyone).

Insisting on a point we’re trying to make, even whilst seeing that the other person is in a completely unreceptive place, and you’re painfully aware that every effort you make just aggravates the situation, and silence+a hug would do a lot better.

And you know it but you forge on regardless.

Saying yes to a request even though we know with certainty we won’t be able to make the time (be it for genuine limitations, or because we know we’ll procrastinate too much on other things).

A million ways to ignore the correct path that we’re seeing in full detail, just because we have this or that idea in our heads and we refuse to let go and/or see it for its flawedness.

There’s signs and signals all around, every day: your intuition, your gut-feeling, the things people tell you and the things life shows you… the path is really pretty easy to see.

But only if you refuse to clutch to the ideas in your mind.

I work with people who are willing – even better: eager – to let go of ideas, and I help them discover different, more effective and fun ideas.

And thus, life and business get better.

Want some of that?

Come and get it…



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