Strictly for the Boys

Everything changed when the women joined.

Not in a bad way, mind you.

But for the first six years I lived in the monastery, we were a strictly male-only community.

Sure we would interact with female members of the group: meals, meditations, retreats and jobs to be done…

But our living quarters were just for us, just for the boys.

And the women, well they had their own community, where we men weren’t allowed.

But at some point we were able to secure a bank loan, in order to buy larger premises where we could all live together, and host retreats without having to rent a place.

And that meant we turned from two separate communities into a mixed one.

And it changed everything.

It even led to me breaking my vow of celibacy, but I blame nobody but myself for that.

Besides, I digress.

The reason I’m talking about gender specific communities is this:

It seems that this group coaching program I created – The Cabal – is really working.

At the moment, there’s nine members, all women – meaning there’s only one seat left.

And if you’re a guy: I’m sorry, you can’t have that seat.

Because I can tell you from experience that there’s a particular quality to a gender-specific community.

Not better, but different.

As soon as you introduce a woman into a group of men, or a man into a group of women, things change.

The dynamics change, the energy, the interactions.

And that’s not bad, but it’s different.

Very different, I can tell you from experience.

I don’t know if I’ll ever return to monastic life, but I still yearn for the intimate, powerful energy of just boys, working towards a common goal.

Which I experience every week during the Cabal sessions, except it’s the female variety.

Equally powerful, but different.

So what are you to do, if you’re a man on a mission, and you’ve been thinking about joining?

I’ve got the solution.

Seeing how well this group works for the Cabal members, I’ve decided to start a second group coaching program:

The Men’s Cabal – strictly for the boys.

More info about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile: if you’re not a man and you’ve been on the fence about joining The Cabal…

One seat left, and here’s where you can apply for membership:



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