Stop Singing Flamenco and DO Something Already. Gah

I love the Spanish.

The culture, the music, the architecture and food and the art – it’s intense and beautitful, living here.

Andalusians, even better: No pretense, just smiles and genuine kindness.

But there’s one thing they got totally wrong, in my opinion: taking control.

Doing things, taking action, effecting change.

They prefer to complain.

It shows in the music, too: Flamenco is an incredibly emotional experience, rife with laments and complaints.

“Ayyy, my girlfriend, why must you treat me so bad…

“Ayyy my Lord, why do you abandon me so…”

“Ayyy, my wife, why do you beat me so viciously…

“Ayyy, sun, why do you burn my crop…”

“Ayyy, my one and only cow is barren…


*Rythmic sound of clapping hands and stomping heels*

The other day I was talking to a buddy who is a truck driver.

Not a friend, just this guy I run into sometimes.

Always complaining: “My boss is a jerk, he makes be break the law

“If I don’t get the truck to Barcelona on time, he shouts at me.

“If I take the legally required rest times on the road, he threatens to fire me, saying I should just drink more coffee

“He only gives me work when the other drivers are busy

“He almost wants me to tamper with the speedometer card that registers my hours of work

“He pays me so little, every year it’s less

“Ayayay, boss why do you enslave me so


*Clap clap, stomp stomp*

You know where this is going, yes?

It’s going to hell in a handbasket, that’s where: nobody ever got anything good out of whingeing and the Andalusians – lovely people as they are – show a perfect example of it.

They could have more freedom, more money, more time – but they prefer to just have the free time, which they then use to complain.

Pity, really.

They have so much to offer, so much to earn, so much quality and talent.

They invented Flamenco, for crying out loud – that’s a big thing.

Don’t be like that.

The energy you expend in thinking about difficulties or complaining about them, you can also put that into some sort of action.

For example, you can leap, into more sales.

The way LEAP subscriber Paula did, for example.

She subscribed two months ago, ‘saw the light’, and took massive action.

But like, big time.

Writes me to say that for the first time ever, she needs to paint as fast as she can.

Because – now dig this – otherwise she’ll run out of paintings to sell.

I mean, come ON – don’t you want that for yourself?

You just might be able to get it, you know.

It’s what LEAP is made for, each month anew.

Food for thought eh?

The October issue will be another doozy.

It’s going to be all about turning your website into a list-building machine, on steroids, with turbo.

Rocket fuel for your business, because you know as well as I do that the money is in the list.

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