Stop Beating Around the Brush

A consulting call with Anook, yesterday.

That chick is just kicking ass.

And, she’s a fine example of how art actually matters, and how to to make that clear to people.

Not only that, she’s also a an example of how to get yourself out there, and TELL people that art makes a difference.

Which she does: this month she is pitching art projects to CEOs and captains of industry.

And no, not for a few thousands bucks – I don’t think I’m at liberty to tell you details, but we’re talking several times 5 figures.

And I’m pretty sure she’ll land the gigs without much effort (and with my help).

Just goes to show what can happen when you stop beating around the brush, and get yourself out there.

But when we started working together, about 1,5 years ago, she wasn’t sure of what, and how, and the value of art and how to communicate that.

So during a series of coaching calls, I gave her an almighty shove, and presto: now she’s in very different waters indeed.

Do I credit myself for her success?

Absolutely not.

The credit is with her, for recognising that she needed help, for hiring a mentor, and for putting to use what that mentor said.

Are you like that, perhaps?

As in: made for bigger things, but not sure how to achieve them?

Ready to take the required action, and not afraid of some tough, paradigm-shifting talk?

Then I’ll help.

Hit reply, tell me what your goal is with your art and where you’re stuck – and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.



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