State Management, Productivity, Procrastination – and The Feelgood File

In our day to day, we go through all kinds of states, emotionally and mentally.

Happy, down, frustrated, motivated, productive, stuck in thinking… a wide variety available to us.

And the state we’re in (obviously) has a big impact on how we perform and how much we get done. If we do anything at all, because quite often, the wrong state causes procrastination or a loss of focus.

This, incidentally, is one of the reasons I dislike Facebook so much: the system has been engineered by some of the world’s smartest scientists to keep us scrolling, and to keep us feeling like we’re missing out if we don’t check in frequently, or don’t reply every time the thing beeps at you.

But bashing Flakebook isn’t the point today.

I want to tell you that the more you are able to control, or change, the state that you’re in, the better things will go.

In terms of relationships and your reactions to others, but also where it comes to managing your energy, and also your productivity and decision-making.

And you know that those, when optimal are what make or break your success.

So here’s a nifty trick that is nearly guaranteed to make your state – whatever level it may be at – go up, VERY fast.

Takes a bit of preparation (step 1 and 2) but once done, you can run this hack on yourself any time you want.

Step 1: Open a document and paste in all the testimonials that customers have ever sent you.

Step 2: Type out all the nice and/or positive things people have said to or about you (friends, family, colleagues, etc).

This document is what I call The Feelgood File, and I cherish mine. Each time someone sends me a testimonial or replies to my emails with a positive comment, I stick it into the file.

Step 3: (the fun part) read the words to yourself, out loud. Repeat. Repeat again. Keep repeating until your state changes and you feel real good.


Sure this might seem strange, but it works. And yes, maybe your mind will argue, throwing up objections and whatever – but it doesn’t matter, it still works.

Why? Because while your conscious mind might protest, your subconscious knows that it’s true, and somehow (there’s science behind it but don’t ask me to explain) it will trigger the release of the kinds of hormones that make you feel good. Endorphines, serotonines, dopamine – I don’t even know and really, the exact mix doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that this simple exercise works. It lifts your state, and with that you can get back to doing your best work.

So there. My Christmas gift for you.

There’s only one drawback: it only works if you want it to, or at least are open to it.

If you’re decided that it ain’t gonna work anyway, don’t waste your time.

You’ve got to want it to work.

Try it, let me know how it works out for you.



Also published on Medium.

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