The Start of a New Adventure

It’s easy to say that nothing of what we perceive is actually what we think it is. Whether this is thoughts, people, invisible waves, the planet and consciousness… we just have no idea what *exactly* a thing is.

All we have is our perception – our own interpretation, our filter.

Our perception of something that is known to be incomprehensibly more vast and complex than the tiny, minute little bit that fits into our human perception.

In other words: we know pretty much nothing, compared to the totality of all there is. We just have experience, one for every human being. And only of a tiny slice of reality.

And yes, one can justifiably mention quantum physics, and proceed to say something that seems to make sense in this context, but has in fact no actual relation to what quantum physics really is.

And I’m one of the 99.999999999% of people who don’t understand what the thing is, so I won’t go there.

Nor will I go into the area of spirituality, because in the end, the only thing that really interests me is the human psyche.

Spirituality is, in our human experience, simply a particular approach to dealing with self, other, world and psyche.

It’s your psyche and the way the thing is configured, that determines how exactly you experience.

There is no objective experience (leaving aside questions of consensus reality) because there is only individual experience.

Filtered, by your brain. And we can’t not filter. It’s what we do, otherwise we wouldn’t even have an experience.

Your experience yourself is the filter.

You might have noticed in the last few weeks that some of my emails have been a little different.

Inbetween the more practical things like planning or sales or business things and psychology, I’ve also been getting more into questions of the heart. Or Heart, as the Sufis would say.

The reason for that is a series of conversations I’ve had with a coach in the USA. Conversations that had a profound impact on me.

Conversations that caused a shift in me, and led me to see that while business and art and coaching and writing are all very good, but that the only thing – the one thing – that ultimately matters, is Love.

And nope, I’m not going into what Love is because, well… back to the top: whatever we think something is, is not what it is.

But Love (the big one – not human emotional love) can be experienced, which in the last few weeks I’ve been blessed to.

This has a lot to do with listening to my heart. Which is an amazing thing, once you truly get out of your head and really really listen. On the inside, and not to the mind.

This morning, I hired that coach. Sent him the money, brought him into my life.

Which should make for an interesting 2018.

And it will likely affect the nature of these emails.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be Martin the coach, with practical tips on how to think, and plan, and choose and sell and run a business and all that fun stuff.

But I’m also going to give space to Martin the (ex-) monk.

Because learning how to think and how you tick, that’s all useful and necessary. But it’s of the mind, and it should go together with learning to listen to heart, and exploring what happens when you do.

Hint: you’ll experience with a different, MUCH less coloured filter. ‘sFun.

And that’s what I’ll be doing, jumping in headlong.

Should be a fun ride, and I hope you’ll join me.

Let the adventure begin.


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