Staring You In the Face

Every so often, people tell me I should publish the LEAP newsletter as a digital download, a PDF.

And I see why that would make sense: it’s better for the rainforests, and I wouldn’t have to spend money on shipping.

Convenient too, for subscribers as well as for me.

But it wouldn’t be half as effective, and for several reasons.

For one thing, reading from paper is a different experience when compared to reading on a screen.

I’m not schooled enough to explain the brain science behind it, but the mind takes things in differently when you read from paper.

In my opinion, it’s a better way of learning.

Plus, there’s the fact that physical reading doesn’t allow for multitasking: to switch from your pdf reader to Flakebook is just a click, whereas putting down the papers in order to focus on your device is just that much bigger a step.

Another reason is that I want students to have the ‘doormat experience’.

No, not for you to feel like a doormat – but to receive the envelope in your mailbox, or indeed on your doormat.

I when I was a wee little Stellar, and my weekly subscription to a comic magazine would land on Saturdays – the most exciting day of the week, I tell you.

More often than not, I’d sit waiting in the front room for the postman to show up, all excited and impatient. (Me, not the postman).

That’s the feeling I want you to have each month, so that you are ready to dive in.

But most importantly, I can’t stand the idea that someone would subscribe, download the doc, and then let it sit in a folder somewhere unread and unused.

That way it wouldn’t do you any good.

No, I want those 26 pages to sit on your desk and stare you in the face.

Talking to you, telling you: I’m densely filled with training, I’m here to change your life and get you sales.

I cost money, and not a little.

Have you read me yet?

Have you re-read me?

Have you put me to use?

Because if you invest in training but don’t use it, it doesn’t do you any good.

So that’s why LEAP is strictly print only.

Want to get better at business and smarter at selling your art?

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