Spin Tops and Thanksgiving

img source: http://bit.ly/i9Pu23

So I’ve had the blogosphere positively bombard me with remarks, tweets, and articles about thanksgiving. Which is cool, if a bit odd for a European.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, unfortunately, though we do eat turkey.

Thing is, in Holland turkey is eaten at Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. What really sucks though is that the traditional way to cook the bugger is to first stuff is with a mix of minced meat and chestnuts, and then stick the whole lot in the oven.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to imagine that by the time the stuffing is done, the outside of the turkey is as dry as the tongue of a bedouin. Which is a pity, because there is always so much food that invariable we end up eating turkey for a week. Not the stuffing, because that is just so delicious that it all goes in one sitting.

Anyway, here is why I give thanks. For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing kids here in Spain with spin tops. First  I thought that it was a few oddballs whose grandfather had broken their Wii, but I’m seeing more and more of these on the streets each time I go out.

I think it’s fantastic. In this day and age, kids are playing on the street with spin tops!

Score for humanity. And for marketing, no doubt, but did the goal ever justify the means better than in this case?

I give thanks for spin tops.

Happy Thanksgiving. Do please smile. And hug, too. Lots of hugs. Love to all.

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