Sometimes, Sadly, People Just Aren't Ready for Help

Sometimes, for all your good intentions, you can’t make the sale.

There are cases when you know, for a fact, they should buy.

You know it’s going to help the buyer.

They’ll advance, heal, progress, learn… they NEED this stuff.

Many people will then try to become more persuasive.

Give more explanation.

Repeat key points.
Try to get through their skull.

Trying to give them the ‘come to Jesus’ moment.

“Trust me. You need this”.

You shouldn’t do that.

Two reasons.

First: If someone is coerced into buying, no matter how good your intentions or your product, the chances of that person actually benefiting from their purchase are slim to nil.

It’s just how psychology works.

If a prospect makes up his own mind, finds his own motivation, he’ll stand a good chance to get something out of it once he buys.

If he’s being pushed into the purchase, he’s very likely to be unhappy, or get no results, ask for a refund, or worse: slag you off on social media and so on.

Second: It’s incredibly difficult to convince someone if he’s not helping you by convincing himself at the same time.

It’s crazy hard work, and only to get a client who will probably be unhappy

The mistake behind this is impatience.

You might think they are ready to buy, but they don’t think so, not yet.

So if you consider that all sales happen in increments, it makes no sense to force things.

Your prospect needs his own time, his own thinking and considering.

He can’t be made to be ready, he can only be allowed to get ready.

What you can do is facilitate his getting ready, but that’s all.

Meaning, answer questions, or provide resources, and generally be the kind of person who thinks of their interest first, and his own second.

Like these emails: I think you should by website copy from me, or salescopy, or email series.

I’m 100% convinced it would make a world of difference for your company.

But, you already know that – you know I’m open for business, you know how I think and operate, from reading these emails.

And you know I believe in my work.

So why would I get aggressive in my marketing?

Why on earth would I try to force sales?

You already know I’m here

I don’t need to force anything. All I need to do is keep providing you with useful information, and one day, when you are ready, you’ll get in touch.

Maybe in a year from now, maybe five – maybe never, and that’s ok with me too.

So, when you’re eyeing a prospect, when your list is responsive but not buying enough, just allow them the time they need.

They’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Meanwhile, you just make sure to be helpful, to show up, to provide value.

There you go: friendly, non-hype marketing that puts your customer first.

If you want some of that for your business, if you want more and happier customers, you can hire me. IF you feel ready.

Otherwise? No problem, no hard feelings, next email tomorrow, bye.

But if you are ready for more sales and a bigger business, here’s where you go to see how it works:

See you,


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