Something’s Been Bothering Me, and I Think I Have a Solution…

Normally, coaching is a high-commitment, in-depth process that involves a lot of psychology – working on mindset etc.

It’s process designed to guide you into permanent change, for the better.

But that high level of commitment also comes with an investment – usually four figures to work with a coach on such a deep level for an extended period of time (3 months or more, usually).

And that is an obstacle to many of my readers: not everyone has the funds to invest on such a scale.

This has been bothering me to no end, and for a while now.

I meet so many wonderful and talented creative entrepreneurs and artists… and more often than not, money becomes the stumbling block.

Not that I’m ‘doing it for the money’ (ha!), but because an in-depth coaching programme means I get really involved, and am there for you whenever you need me. It’s intense and consumes a lot of my time – in terms of sessions, thinking about client situations and questions, giving email support, extra calls etc. It just isn’t possible to provide such an in-depth programme at reduced rates.

But that money thing… plus, the fact that many people just don’t have a need for – or aren’t ready for – exploring the inner workings of the mind, it means that lots of people I could help end up not being able to work with me. And that sucks.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to create a service that is affordable, effective and personalised – but without requiring a long-term commitment and investment from you, while at the same time compensating me sufficiently. Good for both of us, in other words.

And I’ve found it.

Introducing: Month-by-month growth coaching.

This is a brand new service that only a few people have enjoyed so far, and from the results I see, it’s effective.

So now I’m releasing it to the public.

It’s a different kind of coaching, in that we don’t stop to dive deep – instead, we focus specifically on actions you need to take in your business.

The important actions, the big ones that drive growth.

Here’s how the programme works:

Each week we meet for 15 minutes to set your goals for that week, and to review your progress in the past week.

Once a month we meet for an hour, so that you get the time and space to ask questions, or get feedback on your plans and progress, for example.

You’ll also get email access to me, for whatever questions you have: I’ll be on your team, ready to help you on a nearly daily basis (weekdays only).

This is a monthly subscription service, with no long-term commitment, and at a price point that puts coaching in reach of far more people… maybe you?

The exact price depends a little – you might want some modifications to the programme I described, so it’s a matter of talking about what you most need, and then we’ll arrange for a fee that suits us both.

In any case, the monthly investment will be well below the $500 mark, probably more around $300. But we’ll see once we talk.

Tell me if it sounds good: Weekly action, progress and business growth coaching… with no commitments, at an extremely affordable price… I’d say it could be something for you…

Want to know more?

Let me know…



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