Solved: You Can Stop Selling Now

I can’t blame you if you find selling difficult or if it’s something you’d rather avoid.

Though we both know that if you run a business, selling your work is a must.

So there’s this thing you need, and a mindset (or viewpoint) that stands in your way.

Alright, let me help.

After all, marketing and selilng have gotten a real bum rap over the years, what with manipulation and unethical practices.

So stop thinking about selling or sales.

Instead, think of it like this:

When someone decides to buy your work…

Don’t call it a sale – call it enrolling.

It doesn’t just have to apply to enrolling in a course.

Whether you sell books or art or coaching or smoothies:

The person who gives you money enrolls in your view, your principles, your mission and your business idea.

They enroll in a life where your work has become part of that life.

So from now on, you’ll never have to ‘sell’ anything again.

All you need to do is find people who will want to buy into you, whatever it is you do.

Selling vs enrolling.

Makes all the difference, doesn’t it?



Also published on Medium.

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