So Why Art?

Beautiful piece from Jimmy Kelly today – my Irish painter friend.

From his missive:


So why Art?

Paradoxically, it has nothing to do about the actual art itself.

Try to keep in mind the wisdom of this thought from Robert Henri: “The object isn’t to make art; it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”

Its not about the Art, it never was. It’s about how we feel.


Now this is exactly why email marketing is so important and useful for artists.

This is why an artist can, and must, speak with their audience.

Not about the self, but about what moves behind the scenes.

For a painter to write something like that might not seem meaningful or important to you as an artist.

But for a reader, an art lover, a potential buyer?

Think about it: For you to give them this kind of look into your mind – do you not think that this instantly tears away veils, expands understanding and insight?

When you write something like that, the reader instantly has a reason to be attracted to you, to relate to you on a deeper level.

Like I wrote in the last LEAP: it’s a way to invite people into your world.

And you better believe people appreciate that, if you consider how much rote boredom there is in much of daily life.

Suddenly you show up, and bam: you regale them with something precious or valuable or inspiring or thought-provoking.

So how did Jimmy get to writing like that?

I showed him how.

And I can show you as well –>



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