So This Soul Legend Walks Into My House

P.P. Arnold, genuine soul legend and one of Tina Turner’s original Ikettes, popped round to see me just now.

(How I love saying that – you’ll forgive me for gloating a bit, but she’s the only soul legend I know so I have to brag every now and then, mkay?)

Anyway, we talk about her new tour coming up, and her autobiography coming out soon, and at some point she says: “I know how the industry works”.

And I sit there, thinking: It’s exactly as if I’m talking to a painter.

The industry? Forget em. Galleries – do you really need them?

You don’t.

Here’s the traditional model, in the music business:

A label makes you sign a contract (I believe that’s the part usually called ‘selling your soul over to the devil’, but I might have got my mythology wrong.)

The contract says that you sing, they record it, and they’ll put your work out there in front of people.

Those people buy, the record label takes a cut, and you get what’s left.

When they decide to drop you, you’re on your own until another record label starts doing your marketing for you.

When do they drop you?

Depends, but as soon as they’ve reached their target profit, you’re only as good as the cash your work keeps bringing in.

New starlet comes along? You might well be gone.

Apparently similar things happen with galleries: Where they used to have stables full or artists to promote, they’re now cutting their artist base by as much as 90%.

So uh… who then is going to sell the artist’s work, if the galleries no longer promote you?

The answer is: You are.

Just like P.P. needs to take the helm in her own hands if she wants to get well paying gigs and her book sold, you need to also take control.

The old model no longer works, even galleries are saying so.

Well they don’t say it, I suppose, but keeping only 10% of artists and letting the other ones fend for themselves says a lot.

Luckily, we live in the day and age of Internet and entrepreneurship, meaning anyone with a few ounces of grit, half a brain and an internet connection can completely bypass the music industry, or the gallery system, and create their own exposure and sales.

All you need is to let go of old and dysfunctional views about marketing, and persistently put yourself out there in front of other people, and you’ll see something interesting happen.

You’ll find that if you communicate directly with the people who want to buy from you, not with a gallery as an intermediary, they’ll really enjoy the fact that you’re marketing to them.

And, you’ll enjoy it yourself, too. Yes, marketing can, and should be, fun. Lots of fun.

Haven’t you noticed? I have a blast each day, writing these emails. Most of my readers enjoy reading them. QED.

But most importantly: you’ll start getting sales. From your paintings, your photography, your music.

Just learn how to do it, and then just do it.

The learning, I can help you with that.

The doing, well that’s up to you.

But if you sign up for LEAP, you get to ask me questions and it just so happens that when replying, I very persuasively give you key messages and little psychological nudges that help you keep your momentum.

Meaning, LEAP gets you ongoing mini-mini consulting, and you bet that helps.

Oh, and also: I’ve decided to include the cheat sheet ‘The Spyhole Salesman’s Business Secret’ for new subscribers.

It’s a 4-page bonus that shows you how you can quickly create a simple, useful, affordable product that you can sell over and over again, just by driving traffic at it.

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