So Martin, How Much Do You Charge For Your Handmade Suits? + a Valuable Free Bonus for You

It’s 2006 or so, I’m standing in a bar off Savile Row, London, having a beer with a world-famous marketing expert, and I’m wearing one of my creations, hot off the pressing board.

(In case you didn’t know, I used to be a fancy-pants bespoke tailor way back when).

I told him my price, and in reply he gave me 13 words that I’ll never forget.

That one reply of his opened my eyes and turned my business around.

I took the 13 words home, upped my prices by 300 Euros, and within a week or so a lawyer called me and ordered himself a fine 2-piece.

Those 13 words, + a whole truckload of smart pricing psychology, is what you get if you sign up for the LEAP December issue before the end of the day.

And, you get a bonus: Every new subscriber who joins today will get a 30 minute free consultation with yours Stellar, free of charge.

We’ll have to schedule it for next week because I’m flying to Dublin on an art sales project this

Wednesday – but I’ll confirm a date and time with you tomorrow.

Want to finally earn more, and know the psychology and tactics behind higher prices and more profit?

Then LEAP ye to more sales.

Start here –>

Looking forward to talk to you.



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