Smug Face

Just had a call from a client, bearing some absolutely awesome news about a very tricky thing in his life, that he had been trying to solve.

(For context: to do with ex-spouse, and children. Complex stuff).

And he says: “In the end it solved itself… I did my part the way we discussed, and it all went months faster than I expected. Your influence on me is so big, it’s as if you’re also coaching me when you’re not there – almost telepathically”.

Heh. See this? That’s my smug face.

Not because I coach telepathically, though I admit that would be cool.

No, it’s because when you work with a coach on a regular basis, it becomes like a little voice in your head. (No, not *that* kind of hearing voices).

It’s as if your coach is part of you, giving you answers from the inside out.

This is, of course, logical: a coach is there to help you connect with your own resourcefulness and inner wisdom.

So that ‘voice’ is there, and it’s real – it’s just that it’s your own, and not mine. But you can stick my face on it, if that helps. Let me know and I’ll send you a portrait.

Anyway, it’s very cool to see when it happens, and a client finds their own connection with wisdom.

It means the coaching process is working, and the client is becoming increasingly independent and resourceful.

Which obviously means I’m coaching myself out of a job, but then: my job is ultimately to get fired.

So, how about your own inner wisdom? And your access to it?

Want more, deeper insight, more resilience, more mental agility, and greater problem-solving ability?

Talk to a coach (hi!).



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