Smooth Sailing Yo

Ever notice how some people refuse to make things easier for themselves?

A girl I was seeing a while ago, for example:

Each time she wanted to mute her iPhone, she switched the entire thing off.

Instead of, you know, swiping up and selecting airplane mode.

Or indeed, that nifty ‘shut up switch’ on the side.

But nope, she had the habit of turning the damn thing off – which even caused the on/off switch to start to malfunction, because it’s not made for daily repeated use.

And even when I told about the other two options, she wouldn’t have it.

Insisted on doing things the hard way, and with a failing button.

Weird, no?

Actually, no. This kind of thing is far more common than you think.

I call it ‘being attached to problems’.

For some reason, some people just refuse to remove problems from their life.

As if you make life’s experience more real or valuable, by keeping the problems and complications in your life.

Another girls I used to date had a habit of constantly debating me, always taking opposite points of view. God, how tiring.

“But it’s fun”, she said. “It gives spice to things”.

Um yeah. I’d rather have things not be spicy to be honest, if it means constantly being mildly at odds.

And when I told her that I do whatever I can to make my life as smooth as possible, that I live in a constant effort to create ‘smooth sailing’, she sent me one of those motivational quote
images, which read: ‘No calm sea ever made and expert sailor’.

Which is true, but geez: does that mean we have to create, or keep, complications?

I mean, doesn’t life throw enough complications at us by itself, without us having to lend a helping hand?

To me, an unwillingness to remove friction, complications or strife, is the result of flawed thinking.

Because if you’d really analyse what the cost is in terms of time wasted, plus the enormous cognitive cost of negative stuff, you’d VERY quickly decide to get rid of it all.

But I guess people have their reasons, and it’s not that I judge them.

I can only speak for myself: smooth sailing please.

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