Skybridges and Aircastles vs… You?

Daniel Priestley, author of the excellent book ‘Key Person of Influence’ tweeted:

“If I came to work in your business for a month, what would you want me to do?”

Some pretty intelligent replies came up, and as you’d expect on Twitter, some jokes as well:

“Sell for me”

“Social media scheduling”

At least I hope they were jokes, because if you want the boss of a small empire to sell for you, you’d better have some seriously high-value opportunities he would help with…

…and if you expect someone like him to schedule social media, you’re either joking or insane.

Humour is built on tragedy though, and the sad truth is that an idea like ‘awesome salesperson on board’ or some other miracle solution to make every ill go away is deceptively attractive.

And we all have ideas or goals or dreams or milestones like that, in some way and to some degree.

Of course, there might be things that would make everything right in your life and business, but the chance of that thing happening in your life or mine, is so small as to make no odds.

And spending time or thought on how you could make that thing happen might be fun, but it’s not so useful when you realise that it cannibalises the time and thought you could dedicate to building a business that works.

The ‘one thing that will change everything’ is a diversion from what really matters:

Critical thinking, listening to your gut, making intelligent decisions, and doing the work.

Especially doing the work.

Put your time and thought there instead of trying to invent a skybridge to an aircastle, and your business will flourish.

Oh, and part of ‘doing the work’ is getting your stuff sold.

Which is what I help with, so holler at me if it’s time for you to start selling more.

Like that client I helped with a sale last week – as part of the coaching relationship, I wrote three emails perfectly adjusted to their brand and their audience…

…and they grossed almost $10K in sales in one week.

Now that’s the kind of work I like to do, so let me know if you want the same :)



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