Size Really Does Matter

Say what?

No, not THAT kind of size.

Sheesh, where’s your mind?

No, what I’m talking about is the size of the game you play.

You know, the game of life, and as part of that: the game of being in business.

Because it really is just like a game of chess – you make a move, you see the results, you lose a piece and then you take one, you work a strategy and see if it works…

It’s all just a masterfully dynamic and interesting game, that whole business thing.

But how big is your game, what level do you play at?

Some people, they play to not lose.

Carefully, no risk-taking,

Me, I prefer a different kind of game: the one where I’m playing to win.

And yes, that’s risky, and yes, it can blow up in my face.

But the curious thing is that it usually doesn’t.

I play to win, not to not-lose.

Like that seminar earlier this month.

I went all out, even though I’ve never spoken in public before.

My only stage experience was in school, acting at our school plays.

So I could have played it low-key, that seminar thing.

You know: invite a few personal friends, try it out, see how I perform.

That would have been playing to not lose.

But I play to win, so I got a little film crew to record it, I announced it on social media, pre-sold tickets to the videos for virtual access, got a writeup in a local newspaper…

I played big, made a ruckus… about something I have absolutely no experience with.

All I knew is that I have a good story to tell and I know how to teach.

And off he went into the sunset, your friendly little Stellar… playing the big game.

And as it turned out, everything went pretty well and people seemed to be pretty happy.

Was it scary?

Kinda, yes.

Was I nervous?

You bet.

Am I happy and satisfied that I plaid to win instead of to not lose?

Oh absolutely!

See, it’s really hard to get big results if you play a small game.

If you take small or no risk, the returns you can expect will be comparable in size.

Whereas if you play big, you might lose big – but you might also succeed big.

And that, to me, is always far more interesting.

Size really does matter.

I say, play a big game.

Play to win.

Here’s one way to play to win:

Write daily emails.

And, use them to tell people that you’re open for business, and that you have something they might want to buy.

Bonus: it’s pretty much impossible to lose with daily (or bi-weekly or weekly) emails.

Maybe you’ll lose a subscriber or two at first, but that’s a small loss compared to the increase in sales and the growth of your fanbase.

To get my personal training in how to write emails that sell your art, go here –>



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