Simple Trick: Turn Fear or Anxiety into Excitement. Does It Work for You?


… is excitement without the breath.

Not sure where I read that, but I thought it’s pretty cool – and it’s useful too.

Thing is, being afraid and being excited are extremely similar, in terms of physiology.

Both cause the same effects in hormone secretion, heartrate, body temperature, and so on.

Pop culture and the ever-opportunistic self-help industry will tell you that it’s only your perception that determines whether you experience excitement or fear.

But there’s more to it.

And, you can test that for yourself.

The difference (because fear and excitement ARE different) is about 2 to 3 inches.

And once you understand and can recognise the two different states, you can CHANGE fear into excitement.

And it’s simple too (though maybe not always easy).

Those two inches, that’s about your tummy.

When you’re afraid, you get this feeling in your gut, a sort of deep, heavy sensation. Right? As if something is pulling, or maybe like there’s a stone in the pit of your stomach

But being excited is something you feel a little higher, near the solar plexus. That’s where the physical manifestation of excitement happens.

So when you’re afraid of something (which happens to all of us, whether it’s in subtle or very noticable ways), breathe.

Notice that heavy feeling in your gut, breathe, and imagine that with each exhalation, you move the feeling up, a little bit.

Gently breathe, lifting the feeling up, until the feeling changes, and you start to feel a more sharpish, butterfly-like feeling, higher up in your abdomen.

Aaaaand… you’re done. You’ve just breathed your fear into excitement.

And the coolest thing about this trick?

You now have all the benefits of the state available as tools and resources. Adrenaline, heartbeat, heightened attention, you name it. Ready for you to use, instead of leaving it in the context of fear, where it makes you freeze or flee.

Cool, no?

These kinds of trick, different ways to see, or use, the things that belong to being human… that’s what coaching is all about.

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