Simple Tip for Getting More Sales: Show Up

You know what works for getting sales?
Showing up.
That in itself is the main fault with the vast majority of marketing: people are inconsistent.
They blog weekly for a few months, and then other concerns take over.
People spend weeks on social media, tweeting and updating their tush off, but then  their efforts and consistency get slack.
I’ve had clients who invest several 1000’s in adwords, and after 6 weeks they pause their campaign.
Folks build up massive networks on LinkedIn, and then they don’t do anything with them.
Sign up for a forum, establish expertise and garner respect – and then the account will sit unused for months on end.

Hey, I’m no different.

I have tried all kinds of platforms, tools, strategies and what have you, only to stop  after a while.
And obviously I got nothing useful out of any of those efforts.
Inconsistently in communication is deadly for business.
You can’t reasonably expect people to buy from you today (no matter how much they liked your offer) if the last time they heard from you was three months ago.

What you want to do is talk to people as often as you can about the solution you provide

Not obnoxiously – don’t pester people.
But definitely relentlessly.
And every day if you can.
If you do that and you do it right, something magical happens:
Instead of leaving your list or reporting you for spam, they’ll actually WANT to receive your next missive, the very next day.

I saw this happen for myself a few months ago, when I started emailing daily.
Response is fantastic, sales are up, the clients I get these days are lovely – I couldn’t have made a better decision than to email every day.
And I absolutely recommend the same for you.

If you don’t want to write every day? When then, you hire me:



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