Showing up, Persistence, Results

I know, you need to see results.

You want things to finally start picking up.

And you deserve it. You’ve earned returns, what with all the hard work and the showing up you’ve done.

So where are they?

When will you start to see returns from all your efforts?

You’ve been planting seeds for months. Years, even.

And there still doesn’t seem to be anything ready for harvest.

So what gives?

Why is it all taking so long?

Easy now, partner.

While you weren’t looking, busily planting seeds and persistently showing up, the world has been working for you, behind the scenes.

And the returns will come. They will, as long as you keep at it.

For example:

I’m writing this in my car, waiting for the garage to open.

They’ll fix a little thingy, and then I’ll drive up to Granada to be at a press conference at the ‘Diputacion de Granada’ which is the local branch of government, dealing with culture and the arts.

Turns out, I’ve been planting so many seeds, people started taking notice of ye olde Martin.

In December the Diputacion called me up: people kept talking about me, and can I please come and give workshops?

Well sure, of course I can!

Pretty cool too, because in Spain it’s kind of a big deal when official bodies start booking you.

All because I just. kept. showing. up. Relentlessly.

So if you’ve been plugging away, and you’re yet to see results: take heart.

Don’t give up.

There’s things happening that you’re not aware of, but you will be.

It’s inevitable.

It’s working for me, and it’s working for my clients, some of whom are seeing some awesome results from all their efforts.

Point is, you can’t force results to happen, and you shouldn’t try.

All you can do is take steps, one after another.

Focus on doing that, relentlessly.

Plant seeds, over and over again. They’ll grown.

And if you need help in figuring out where to plant them, and you want me to help you keep going, you know where to find me.



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