She Says So Too: It's Just Part of Life

Very interesting email exchange the other day, showing exactly the ailment that most artists suffer from.


I’m also very interested in how caring deeply about people translates to business. So many creatives I know are incredibly empathetic, caring people who just want to GIVE.

Yet when it comes to business, they are poisoned, a little I think, by our society’s concept of business and corporate culture. They associate making money with taking from people, which results in feeling that they are somehow hurting people.

I think this is on a deep, unconscious level, but it does stop them from wanting to charge, or charge enough, talk about what they do, or advertise, or build their business.

I’m a big believer in that if you’ve got something you love to do, eventually you need to be making at least a little money from it. Or else in the long term, you won’t have time to do it.

Life tends to get in the way, and financial obligations are a part of life, the more the older you get. I want to keep writing and painting until the day I day, so it needs to keep paying at least some of the bills.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Some very good points there:

–> Our views and opinions are influenced by society’s representation of business and corporate value

No wonder most people would rather drink bleach instead of do any marketing – especially something as close to you as your art.

–> Associate making money with taking from people, as if hurting people

Ha, well put. Bollox though: You’re happy to pay for a loaf of bread, so why would someone else not be happy to pay you for your art?

You don’t feel ‘taken’, when you buy bread, do you?

I assure you, as long as you don’t mess people about and you’re ethical, none of your buyers will feel that way.

Better yet: They’ll be grateful for the value you provide, and they’ll happily part with money because of it.

–>If you don’t make money from it, you can’t keep doing it

Yup. I’ve never bought any other brush than the one for doing dishes, but I imagine that stuff costs good money.

I remember my mother would ask gift vouchers for her birthday, to help towards buying sable hair brushes (is that what they’re called? Don’t know. The very very soft ones).

How much is a tube of Winsor & Newton these days


–> Best one: “I want to keep writing and painting until the day I die, so it needs to keep paying at least some of the bills.”

Ha! Common sense at work.

What about you?

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