Screw Icarus, for He Was a Fool

After yesterday’s email about making fiction reality, a reader writes in saying it made her feel down, because she kept seeing poor Icarus in her mind’s eye.

Well, Icarus may have been history’s most audacious dreamer, but he was also a fool.

I mean come on – you don’t even need to get close to the sun for wax to melt. It does that on its own, on your kitchen table.

Anyway, if you too identify with that particular type of failure, maybe the answer I gave will help you:


Be Edison instead, forget about Icarus.

Icarus looked at the wrong steps and did something that can’t be done. And, he could have known that.

You too know that if you look in the wrong direction, it can’t be done.

So choose.

Choose a different perspective, a different image, a different inspiration.

You’re only thinking about Icarus because it neatly confirms your fears.

Ignore it, just look the other way. Right now, all you’re doing is feeding the demon.

You have your goal, your talents, and a road ahead.



See, compare Icarus with the Wright brothers.

They wanted to make flying a reality, and they got technical on the project.

They looked at Da Vinci’s drawings, and all the contraptions people had built over the years.

And I doubt they ever included Icarus in their experiments.

Instead, they built something, tested it, built something new, tested it – over and over and over again.

At each iteration, more faults were eliminated and more possibility emerged.

And they doggedly kept at it, until they made. the. bloody. thing. fly.

Identify with that – not with people who failed and gave up.

And as for failure: it’s how you get to being successful.

Said Edison: “I haven’t failed – I have discovered 1000 ways that didn’t work”.

I’m off, I need to go do an interview.

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