Same Flaw… Again??? Maybe You’re Doing it Right…

Oh no… not again.

That thing you were so sure you had overcome. The weakness, the habit, the addiction or the non-useful default reaction…

Weren’t you done with that?

You finally kicked it to the curb, you remember the moment.

And yet, here it is again.

Now most people would get mighty annoyed when these things happen.

When will you be free from it, but this time for real? When will you stop falling back into it?

Well what if it isn’t the way you think…

What if the very fact that the ‘thing’ is back is a sign that you’re doing it right?

It’s all in how you frame it, you see. The context you give it.

Point is, some things will never completely disappear.

Some things will come back over and over again in your life…

And if you can frame it in the context of upgrading yourself, falling back really isn’t that big of a deal.

You evolve, hopefully every day a little.

But if that would mean that all faults and shortcomings disappear over time, we’d have a world full of nearly-enlightened elderly people.

And last time I checked, that’s not the world we live in.

It might even be a fact of life that we keep falling into the same things, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Because if you use the concept of evolution, then you see that each time you fall back in the ‘thing’, you’re now at a higher level of your personal evolution.

More developed, better equipped, to deal with the ‘thing’, and to step out of it again.

Yes, I’m talking about self-awareness, that holy grail of people who are happy, or live in contentment.

The problem isn’t that we fall back – it’s that we beat ourselves up over it.

You’ll never be perfect, and that’s fine.

The trouble starts when we demand perfection of ourselves, OR ELSE.

So just relax. Be content when you drop a bad thing, and know that it’ll likely come back, when you’re at a higher level.

And then you get to deal with it again, just like everyone else.

And I’ll be here to help you with that, if you wish.



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