Sales Lesson From a Spanish Waiter (Live Your Purpose, Artist)

“How much for the coffee?”

He gives me a sly grin and says: “Give me 1, 20 and we both win. You the coffee, me 1,20.”

I walk out smiling, pondering the nature of the Spanish.

And I realise exactly how right he is: any purchase, any sale, is always an exchange of value.

When you do it right, everybody wins.

Now here’s the trick: when you do it wrong, nobody wins.

Meaning, if you don’t charge a serious price for your work, you both lose.

You because you end up underpaid, but the buyer loses as well.

It’s easy to think that you do people a favour if you price low, but the reverse is true.


Because we don’t value things that come at a low cost, that’s just human psychology.

Just look at the number of free downloads on your harddrive and the percentage you’ve actually read. Shelf-help stuff.

You have the power to change people’s lives with your art, to make them see the world in a different way.

You the artist, you can make a difference. That’s what you’re for.

Do you really think you can achieve that, turn people, if you sell your work at commodity prices?

Of course not. Perception is reality, and if you present something cheap, then cheap is what the person buys.

That’s the perception you build for people. No favour.

If you don’t stick a good price on it, you don’t just miss out on the money, but you also fail to do what an artist is made for.

Which is, in my opinion and experience, to change the world – one canvass, one song, one dance at a time.

So please, do everyone a favour: charge serious prices.

And speaking of serious prices, the LEAP newsletter isn’t cheap, but then that’s the best way to make sure you take it damn serious.

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