Resourcefulness: Ask Yourself “Who”, Instead of “How”

Pick a problem you want to solve, or an issue you want to figure out.

Now, ask yourself how to go about it.

Most likely, you’ll find a limit in your thoughts and ideas. You run through the options, and either you’ve got the solution, or you get stuck somewhere.

If you’re stuck and you keep trying to pry the ideas out of your mind, it’ll end up frustrating.

Mind can do amazing things, and lots can fit into it, but it has limits. And the more you try to crank it into a direction, the sooner you’ll reach those limits.

But what if you ask yourself not the ‘how’ question, and instead:

You ask yourself the ‘who’ question.

“Who do I need to be in order to solve this?”


“Who would have all the answers, who would solve this with creativity and ease?”

“What would that person (the me I have to be, or the other who has no trouble) do?”

If you start thinking that way, you’re likely to get totally different ideas, and far more than if you stay stuck in the how of it all.

Saw this happen in a session the other day, when I was asked: “How should I answer if they ask me XYZ?”

I didn’t answer the question, and instead helped the person step into a different, far more capable view of herself.

In other words, we worked on identity, and highlighted the identity of resourcefulness.

At the end of the session, we came back to the ‘how’ of it all, and she said, with calm understated confidence: “I actually don’t need to figure out how. I already know how to answer”.

Aaaand… boom. Results.

All from not getting lost in the how, but instead of going for who.

So that issue or problem you picked?

Who do you need to be in order to solve it?

With which identity can you identify in order to tap into the resources you have, and get stuff resolved?

If that’s a question you can’t answer, let’s talk.

You might find the same strength and resourcefulness my client found…



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