Resonance, Zone of Genius, and of Course: Fun

He picked up the acoustic guitar and sat himself down on the edge of the drummer’s podium.

The crowd was silent: this was where the band played the one – and beautiful – romantic song they had.

He flexed his fingers and played the first chord.

Instantly, his face lit up.

His eyes found mine, he smiled a big smile, and mouthed ‘Perfect!’

And the song began.

This was over 20 years ago, and I was a roadie for a local band.

And of course his guitar had been tuned to absolute perfection.

I wasn’t just a crate-carrying, cable-connecting roadie – I was a guitar player myself.

So I knew how to fine-tune the thing, unlike our other roadie who was a drummer.

He could tune a guitar adequately, but not the way another guitar player can. And yes, there’s a difference.

Why this story?

Because there’s a difference between the zone of competence, and the zone of genius.

And why does that matter?

Because of something a client told me last year:

“An artist should write their own copy”.

And in a sense, that’s true.

But for most artists or other kinds of entrepreneurs, that means working in their zone of competence.

Which can yield passable copy, but it’s not the same as copy written by a skilled and experienced copywriter.

A pro writer works in his zone of genius, not that of competence.

And that brings completely different results.

Besides, why would you want to do manual labour on something that’s not in your zone of genius?

There are things that you and only you can do – be it painting or teaching or making photos.

I say it makes much more sense to do that, and outsource things like copywriting or building your website or learning how to run Facebook ads.

The genius work, the thing that nobody can do quite the way you do it, that’s what you get paid for.

That’s the work you do that makes people resonate with you.

So it’s only logical to focus on doing that thing.

“So Martin, can you write copy for me?”

Alas, I can not.

I could, but I no longer do copywriting work: it was fun for a while, but at some point I was fed up with lengthy projects, and spending weeks or even months stuck in subject matter
that wasn’t ‘mine’.

The fun had gone out, and you know that I’m a firm believer in doing things that are fun.

So here’s something fun, something that I do I really like doing:

Fixing up and re-writing copy.

That kind of work, where you feed me a piece of copy and I whip it into shape?

Absolutely love it.

So: if you have copy that needs to shine and perform, I’ll re-write and fine-tune it for you.
Can be for different purposes.

For example:

– a Press Release

– Artist Statement

– About page

– Landing page

– Sales page

– Brochure copy

– Show announcement

– Online or offline ad

– Event invitation

Or any other type of writing that needs to convey a message and call the reader into action…

Send it over and you’ll have it back in 7 days, ready to go out into the world, with bells on.

And you better believe it’s going to give you a piece of copy that works, and gets people into action: whether that’s buying from you or contacting you or showing up at your show.

I might be retired as a copywriter, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get my hands dirty and fix your copy for you.

Because it’s fun.

Need your copy fixed and tuned up to perfection?

Then send an email to and include the URL, or paste in the piece you need to have fixed.

I’ll reply back ASAP with further instructions.



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