Resonance, Feedback, and Wagner With a Record Player

He was young, tall, black and lanky, and he was dripping with sweat.

His flowery shirt hung on him as if he’d just stepped out of the sea, but his afro stood like an afro ought to.

He struck the last chord and kept it humming, the sound slowly growing fainter while the crowd cheered in amazement and rapture.

But the sound didn’t die out, he wouldn’t let it. He turned around to face his amplifier, and pushed the guitar towards the speaker.

The soundwaves coming out pushed the strings, the magnetism drew in to the magnetic coils in his pickups, and a ghostly, riveting hum started to emerge.

Stronger and louder, the overtones and frequencies and harmonies rising to crescendo so complex that Wagner would have nodded approvingly.

Every nuance and tone that came out went straight back in and came out again just a fraction of a second later, on and on in a constant loop.

He turned back to the audience, eyes a-shine, and said: “This next one is called Foxy Lady, hope you like it”.

Jimmy Hendrix didn’t invent feedback – it existed (and ruptured ear drums) long before him.

But boy did he know how to play with it.

Martin being lyrical again?

Aye, and for a very good reason.

Feedback is what happens when a system produces an effect and that effect gets put back into the system.

The result is usually an amplification, and it can lead to some pretty surprising and amazing effects.

For example: the system called ‘Martin’ has been writing emails, putting out all these ideas and notions for almost two years now, and guess what:

I’ve been offered a book deal.

Say what now?

Talk about feedback and amplification…

Yeah. A publisher contacted me, says he’s been reading me and likes what I do, and he wants me to write a book which he will print, publish and promote.

Say what the what now?

Your friendly little neighbourhood Stellar, a published author?


I admit I’m surprised – and honoured and proud and humbled and what have you.

But I also see how it makes perfect sense: The signal, the vibration that I’ve been creating every working day, has resonated with someone else out there, and it’s been picked up ‘somewhere out there’, and has come back at me.

Gotta love resonance.

Why am I telling you – just to brag?

No ma’am.

I’m telling you because it’s the perfect example of why the LEAP system works.

When you listen, and then explain, you sometimes don’t even have to ask in order to profit.

This gent came at me of his own accord, I didn’t even have to ask anything.

Just goes to show what wonderful things can happen if –

– wait for it –

You put yourself out there, with the aim to serve, and you keep doing i, relentlessly.

And yeah, writing is a terrific way to do it.

And yes, I can teach you how.

I can’t promise it’ll get you a book deal, or your art in the MoMa, but you bet it’s going to create results, provided you have the grit to keep on writing until feedback happens.

Here’s where you start –>



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