Resistance is Futile

You can fight all you want, but you’re never going to win.

The innate intelligence within you – the level below the rational mind – knows this.

And I speak from experience: all my life I’ve resisted the notion that at heart I am indeed an artist.

Mostly because drawing doesn’t come easy to me.

But that’s really weird, because as long as I can remember, I’ve always been creative.

I used to write poetry, songs and stories, a stage play and a musical.

Even had something published when I was 15 or so.

Really weird too, because I don’t recall writing the piece.

But my mum sent me a scan of the article and yes there it is, author attribution and all.

And while I can’t understand how I could write something and get it published and completely forget about it, the style is definitely mine.

Anyway, back to resistance.

Or rather, back to how to get rid of that sucker once and for all.

See, while I went about my life, becoming a monk and dropping out, starting a business and burning it, and all the other ups and downs of life, I always knew at a deep level that art is key in my life.

The enjoyment of it, as well as the act of creating it myself.

But no, I had to do things my way.

I had to be a monk, a tailor, a tinkerer, the grandson of a spy (true fact).

Meanwhile, life bided its time until such time that I would cave in and accept the facts.

When that happened, I decided to make art my life and my life art.

Silly Martin, spending decades avoiding reality.

Now I don’t think that you’re resisting the artist part.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these emails.

But there’s a good chance that you’re not a complete artist, as in: one who stands tall and sells enough and charges enough.

Markets enough, speaks up enough, gets seen enough.

And if you’re struggling with that kind of resistance, I have two words for you:

Give up.

Just that, nothing more: Give up.

Stop fighting, stop struggling and resisting and writhing like a man in a straightjacket.

You were meant to be an artist, and you are meant to be successful.

The only thing that stands in the way is your own resistance.

And the more you fight, the longer it will take before you meet the success you deserve.

Stop fighting and instead do what I did:

Embrace your reality, whatever yours might look like.

How’s that feel?



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