Resistance is Futile

Oh, to have the drive, the will, the inspiration… to commit self to art, to giving shape and building pretty things.

You’ll have heard me complain before, how essentially I’m jealous of proper artists, for their involvement and productivity.

That while I can sing, and write non-fiction and stuff, I don’t actually do it.

Well, I’m known to play guitar and sing when I have an attractive woman visit me, but that’s just having fun – it’s not actually being an artist or musician.

And, yes, for the longest time I have been safely stuck in this bubble, this comfort zone of ‘I guess I just don’t have the passion or the drive’.

Until yesterday, when I told my coach about this, and he called me out.

Either the novel I have in me is going to stay there in me, or…

…could it be that I’m stuck in resistance?

And that I could overcome that resistance?

I contemplated the two options, and thought of the oft-used scif-fi line ‘Resistance is futile’.

Because after all, both options are entirely possible, and either will manifest depending on what I decide.

And yeah, comfort zones are rubbish.

So I committed then and there, to have one writing session a day, for a week, working on my novel – starting yesterday.

And so after the call I dug up my files and notes, started listing all the characters, and this morning – Gasp, even before writing you my daily missive – I started working on the story beats.

And goodness, it feels good.

Will I continue?

Will the book get written, or will it stay inside?

Will resistance get the better of me?

Who knows. I’m certainly not claiming that this time around it’ll get done.

I know myself too well, and it wouldn’t be the first time I promise myself something and then not follow through.

No, for now I’m simply happy to experiment, and to give resistance the cold shoulder.

And that’s the power of working with a coach:

Not someone who has all the answers and solves your problems.

A coach does something different: he’s there to ask you question after question, to reflect your states and attitudes back at you, until you yourself come up with the answers.

Just like my coach did for me yesterday – and then it was my own decision to commit myself to working daily on my novel for at least a week.

Because here’s the thing: advice should never be followed, no matter how good it is.

Instead, advice should be chosen, based on your own careful consideration.

A good coach knows that.

Because if you blindly follow advice, you give away your thunder – you elevate someone else to the level of a guru who has all the answers, and you make yourself the less powerful, need-to-be-led disciple.

And that’s not how things should work.

You have the power, the answers, and a plethora of choices to select from.

Use that power and inner wisdom.

All that a coach can do is help you connect with it, and that’s why I like this work so much.

To see the changes that my clients choose for themselves and manifest, is a joy to witness.

Want some of that for yourself?

It’ll only work if you take action, but if you do, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.

And I’d be happy to walk with you for a while.



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