Reduction and Essentialism as the Cure for the Entrepreneurial Hamsterwheel

Looping back to Gay Hendricks excellent book The Big Leap and his concept of the zone of genius…

(For anyone who missed my email about it the other day: the zone of genius has nothing to do with being an actual genius, but instead describes your personal unique ability. The thing that you do exceptionally well, in a way that nobody can copy. According to Hendricks, the more time we spend on activities in that zone, the better things get).

Now that the girls in the Cabal and I are reading this book, it’s causing all of us to ponder.

And what I’ve figured out is that my zone of genius is where I shut up, listen, listen more, and keep shutting up until my intuition forces me to say something.

That’s something I’m quite good at, and in an ideal world it would be all that I do.

No social media, or networking, or tweaking my site – outsource all that stuff.

Get Martin his appointments so that he can focus only on coaching and enrolling clients.

Except for all of that to be outsourced, I’d need a company with several employees, and that’s not what I want.

So, what do you do when circumstances force you to also do the things that are merely in your zone of excellence or competence?

You reduce.

Here’s the deal:

In every day and every business and every career, there’s a 1000 different choices you can make each day.

And because we’re constantly afraid to miss out on opportunities, we end up saying yes far too often.

To people, to projects, to demands… yes yes yes.

When in reality, the more you say no, the more you eliminate non-essentials, leaving you more free to work on the essentials.

I don’t think it’s easy, maybe not even possible, to work in the zone of genius 100% of the time.

But it’s a good idea to look at the choices and activities that are outside the zone of genius.

Because if you give it a close look, you’ll find that there’s all kinds of things that shouldn’t be in your life.

Things that you don’t enjoy, or that others expect of you, or that don’t significantly contribute to your primary goal…

And so, what if you strip those away, remove them from your life… so that you can focus on a few things that get all your attention – the things that move the needle forward on your business?

I know, it sounds scary. Because all the things are important!

Of course. But some things are more important than others. Have a bigger impact.

And seeing that, and having the courage to choose a priority and eliminate all things that do not contribute to that priority, that’s exactly the difference between an entrepreneur (or regular human being, for that matter) who runs like a hamster in a wheel and gets burned out, and a person who is in control, building success, and has enough time for everything.

It may be scary, but I dare you to face up to any over-extended mess of activities you may have, and rid yourself of anything non-essential.

If you do, I know you’ll find it massively beneficial. And once you discover how much, drop me a line.

I’d like to know what your experience was and what changes it caused for you.



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