Reasons to Unsubscribe: the Good, the Bad and the Daft

Had a funny little experience the other day.

Normally when people unsubscribe, I don’t mind.

Like I’ve said before: if I’m not right for them, it’s better they remove me from their life.

But this time, someone I thought was quite interested decided to opt out.

So I went into mailchimp to see if she had left any comment as to why.

She hadn’t, but I ended up scrolling through the comments other people had left.

Interesting to see.

For one thing, barely anyone (less than 5% I think) had reported me for spam.

Which is fantastic proof of what I always say:

As long as your communication is relevant and fun and interesting enough, you can send emails as often as you want, even once a day.

But it was the comments that some of the people had left, that really tickled me.

A few folk typed: “Not really what I’m looking for” or “not relevant to me”.

Fair play.

One person said: “It’s about money”.

Uh… well yeah?

I write so that you can learn things so that you can make more money.

That offends…?

Ok, I guess. Have fun living in a thatched hut, and good luck catching fish and growing radishes.

A couple of people said: “Too many emails, I can’t keep up”.

I understand that, but it’s a pity.

If someone doesn’t have ten minutes a day to learn something new, I fear for their business.

Of course I could offer a second subscription option, to only send once a week.

But I won’t and here’s why:

I want my readers to be reminded every single day of the utter importance of growing your business prowess and developing a habit of promoting your work.

So, no weekly emails from me.

It’s every day, or otherwise people can read on my blog if and when they want (which some people said they prefer).

Then there was someone who said the emails are essentially sales letters.

I thought that was interesting, because apparently he or she couldn’t see the teaching for the pitch.

I mean come on: there’s at least 90% of useful advice in these emails, and the pitch is only at the end.

Hint: I’m teaching you something by saying that, get it?

As in: Give people something that lightens their life, edifies, inspires, something valuable that they can contemplate the rest of the day.

Do that, and you can send emails as often as you like, and people will thank you for it.

Let me show you how to do it, if you want some good ‘n serious writing training and email edumacation –>



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