Reading This Sentence Has Just Changed Your Brain…

… and I hope, in a good way. Either way, don’t worry: it’s not a big change. Probably just a few hundred neurons or whatever.

I’m being serious though: everything you do and think and feel has a physical effect on your brain.

There’s synapses and neurons and connections doing things, and subtly shifting levels of hormones and so on – a complex system of reactions, and it’s totally malleable.

They call it neuroplasticity: the fact that your brain changes continuously.

Most of it is in small ways, but ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’, which you’ve experienced as well:

If you give enough time to dedicated practice of something, it becomes second nature.

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Without you knowing it, you’re heavily invested in a dedicated practice, mentally, of something that doesn’t benefit you.

How do I know? Because it’s human, we all do it.

I’m talking about randomly, willy-nilly spending our attention and thoughts on rubbish.

News stories, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk, complaining about yourself or others in your head, rehearsing upcoming or rehashing past conversations (those last two can actually be useful, if done judiciously, and not compulsively), and whatever other pointless ways each of us spends our mental energy.

And here’s the thing: the more you do that, the more you change your brain.

The more you read the news, the more you programme that beautiful creative machine of yours, to tread in the familiar trail of narrative about current affairs and despicable people in places of power etc.

And is that really what you want your brain-machine to be configured for?

Or, how happy and/or successful do you think you’re going to be, if you persistently, every day, tell your brain to get better at complaining about how rotten everything is?

Or do you think you can become a success if you’re programming your brain to get better at telling yourself that you’re not ready/right/old enough/young enough for ‘it’?

Because if you allow your stream of thought, the one that goes on all day without you paying much attention to it, to harp on in that kind of direction, you’re effectively accumulating persistent tiny brain-change, into changes that become fixed and patterned.

The solution?

Point your thoughts there where you create positive changes in your brain.

As Lara Boyd says (who has an excellent video on youtube called ‘After seeing this, your brain won’t be the same’ and whose title I totally knocked off):

Build the brain you want.

I can tell you from experience she’s right.

I’ve spent 25 years learning how to build the brain I want, and I gotta tell you:

It’s awesome. Nowhere near perfect, but having this brain be the tool I want it to be, that’s priceless. Might want to look at how you’re building yours.

Now, if you want your brain to become a thing that keeps you focussed on doing the important work, and that effortlessly keeps you executing on them, then my new 15-minute per week spot-coaching gives you the kind of training and exercises that get you exactly that:

Growth-focussed decision and execution, easier every week, and far more affordable than any programme I’ve ever put out.

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