Quick Favour, Help Me Out?

One of the most important things in business and selling your work, is knowing as precisely as possible who is your ideal buyer.

But, it’s an area where we often go by assumptions, thinking that we know who our ideal buyer is… without ever doing the research to make sure we’ve got it right.

And, it’s one of the reasons we struggle when selling. After all, if we try to sell to the ‘wrong’ people, how effective are we going to be?

In other words, it’s extraordinarily important to establish what’s called ‘product-market fit’.

That way, you can focus your marketing and selling efforts on those people who actually are right, and ready, for what you offer.

Me I’m also researching, specifically for the LEAP Ethical Selling System that I created.

So, in order to help – could you do me a favour and answer 4 simple questions for me?

I’d be super grateful!

So the LEAP sales framework I created stands for Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit, and hinges on integrity, ethics and empathy.

I built it specifically for people rich in integrity – the kind of person whose operations are based on a values-first approach.

Below are the questions – please click reply and fill in your scores:

How do you rate your skills at selling (or enrolling clients, if you prefer)?

Where 1 = Not very good, and 5 = I’m extremely good at selling

Your answer:

How much fun is the sales process for you?

Where 1 = Selling sucks, and 5 = I love sales

Your answer:

How would you score your success rate?

Where 1 = Not very successful at all, and 5 = Very high conversion rate

Your answer:

To what degree do you feel values like integrity and ethics either help, or hinder your sales process?

Where 1 = Such values make selling harder, and 5 = The more I honour my values, the more clients sign on

Your answer:



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