Pushy Cat Thrusting Her Agenda At Me = I Don't Trust That

“Oh but Martin, this cat would just be perfect for you. Purr-fect”.

She was, almost literally, purring.

“Yeah but I told you: Right now, I don’t want any cats”.

She went on: But he’s so charming and sweet and likeable. Really your kinda cat”.

“Sure. But I really don’t want any cats.
Besides, I’ve seen two cats die of feline leukaemia and it’s not pretty.

“If I’m going to have another one, it’ll come from a home and I’ll have it immunised right away.

I don’t want another stray cat with that disease.”

Feline leukaemia is also called cat-Aids, and it’s highly contagious. Hence my insistence on getting a clean one, this time round.

Which I wasn’t about to, but still.

And she went on: “But how can you know until you see him?

“Really he’s special”.

Bored, I changed the topic of conversation.

What was happening there is that she had an agenda: this cat comes into her house and demands food.

Which she gives since she’s a kind-hearted person.

But wouldn’t it be just great if she could offload the lil gremlin on me?

She didn’t tell me that, but it was clear enough.

Tried to bore me into accepting.

It’s the worst possible thing you can do when you try to sell something.

You can’t go and be pushy.

You can’t hide your agenda.

And, you can’t allow your prospect to get the feeling that you’re desperate.

All those things, they break trust.

When people get the feeling that there’s something more important (meaning: you) behind the sale, more important than their own problem getting solved, there’s no sale.

No trust? Door closed.

And, next time they’ll need to find a solution for something, they’ll look elsewhere, because you left them with a niggling feeling of ‘something not quite right’ – if not ‘don’t trust ‘em’.

Trust matters.

It’s why Chris Brogan and Julien Smith wrote Trust agents.

And they’re no dummies.

So, put your cards on the table.

Explain what you can and can’t resolve for people.

Ask for the sale.

And thou shalt profit.

As will the buyer, by purchasing something that actually solves their problem.

LEAP #8 deals with trust, which is why it’s aptly called ‘The Trust Issue’.

You can get it here.

If you want – because I ain’t about to get pushy about it.




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