Psst look… Isn’t This Pretty?

Gotta admit, I’m feeling kind of nervous.

Every day I’m getting closer to publishing my first book in the LEAP Art Marketing Series, and to be honest.

And yeah, as I write this my fingers tingle and there’s a knot in my stomach.

Which can only mean one thing:

Full steam ahead.

So let’s give you a little teaser – I want to show you the book cover:

Cool, no?

Cost me a pretty penny too – but if you’re going to do something, you gotta do it right.

And given that I have design skills that equal those of a newborn baby, I hired a pro to do it for me.

In the next week or two, the book should be available on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.

It’s nothing too heavy: the series will consist of topical collections out of my 600+ blog articles, edited professionally and with the sales pitches stripped out.

And yeah, I’m excited.

It’s a new era for me.

I remember when I was a wee little Stellar, saying “I want to be a writer”.

To which I received the answer: “Well then, write. That’s what writers do”.

But now it’s time to also get my writing out there.

Because if I tell you that you need to get your work out there, then that goes for me as well.

Now, I mentioned that you can get all my books (ebooks, that is) for free, for life.

The LEAP series will be published monthly, but I have a few more up my sleeve, proper big ones that will also go into print.

And yes, every single ebook that I publish from now on can be yours, for evah.

All I ask is a little favour.

Will tell you more about that later this week…

Meanwhile, if you also want to write the way I do – fast, engaging, persuasive and entertaining and with absolute ease and never short of ideas – I’ll show you exactly how.

More info here –>



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