PSA: No Animals Were Harmed in This Sacrifice

“It’s because it comes down to a sacrifice, you see? That’s what it means when you invest money and time in working with a coach. Or invest in anything, really”.

My own coach looked at me with a frown, hearing those words.

“Martin, people don’t like the word sacrifice. Too many negative connotations”.

Good point he made, but there’s a lot more to it.

The real meaning of the word sacrifice has nothing to do with things like rituals or slaughtering an animal.

It’s not about religious concepts or precepts.

At its root, a sacrifice means to make something sacred.

To make something sacred means to give something up for a greater good.

Sometimes in return for something else.

You sacrifice nights out on the town in order to study and become qualified at something.

You sacrifice a life of dating, so that you can have a stable and long-lasting relationship.

You sacrifice your sleep in order to take care of your children.


You give up one thing, so you can have something else.

And I should know: after all, I sacrificed 12 years of freedom, living under very strict rules in a monastery, and I became a tranquil and, I’d say, rather happy individual.

Totally worth it, too.

And, when you get it right, and you let go of things consciously, in return for something you really want, you too will find that it’s worth it.

Maybe you prefer calling it ‘no pain, no gain’ – but that’s just a matter of semantics.

In the end, you always get something when you pay with something else.

What you get depends on several things: effort, dedication, commitment, and above all:

Choosing the right thing to give up, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Choose right, and what you receive in return will be far more worthwhile than what you gave up.

In one of the poems we used to read in the monastery, there’s the line:

“Letting go

“For some, it’s a pain and a struggle

“For others, it’s a joy and a celebration”

The difference is you, your attitude, and your choice.

And, the only way to grow by way of letting go, is by being very deliberate, and being 100% passionate about what you give it up FOR.

There can be no half-heartedness in this.

You can’t ‘kinda’ get married.

Either you’re in 100%, or better not start.

And that’s the trick to every choice you make.

Do you really, REALLY want it?

That badly?

Do you want it so badly that it’s worth it, whatever the cost?

Only then should you go for it.

My coach agreed saw my point, and agreed.

So, take it from an old ex-monk:

Careful with what you sacrifice.

It can change your life and your world.



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