Maybe you doubt it works, when I say that listening, and silence, help you sell with more ease.

If so, read what a reader named Mark Keefner sent me, after yesterday’s article:

“Hi Martin!

Just read your email about silence and sales. Super true, been applying the art of no-pressure listening as of late and customers just seem to magically order products from me when I let them think about what they want or need rather than telling them about all the great stuff I have for sale!”

(I also received a – joking – reply from a friend who told me that in order to not get any objections, the best method is to talk non-stop and bulldozer over people… something I do not recommend, unless you wear 80’s polyester suits and enjoy living in a ‘boilerroom’ full of sales people).


Yes, silence and space and listening make selling easier.

Add in the habit of asking strategic questions about wants, needs, fears and frustrations, and you have the makings of a sales conversation that causes people to enroll themselves, just the way Mark is experiencing these days.

And, add in 1on1 sales coaching, and selling will get even easier, and it’ll become a lot more fun as well.

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