Problems I Refuse to Solve… What About You…?

There’s a million problems to solve in life.

Big ones, small ones, problems you avoid and problems that make little impact, solved or not.

And out of all those options for creating improvement in your own life, all the problems you could choose to solve…

What kind of problems do you spend most time on?

Because it’s easy to lose yourself working on the small stuff.

Re-arranging your tools or the folders in your computer.

Meddling with your website when really it’s good enough as is.

Learning how to use Twitter for business when you’ve already got a good thing going on Facebook.

Frittering away hours a week on Amazon, looking for that notebook, or paper, or pen, that’s just perfectly perfect.

Buying a course on video marketing when deep down you don’t believe you’ve got what it takes to be on camera.

But if you spend your time fixing those problems what about the real, big, important, change-making problems?

Because we can either spend our time optimising and fixing small problems, or we can go for the big ones.

For example: your branding. Now there’s a nice big problem to work on. And, one that most people will procrastinate on forever (I did, but now that I solved that problem, life is a lot easier).

Or building a reliable, repeatable marketing system – whether that’s based on networking, social media or advertising – but SOME system that can be run and optimised for predictable results.
Nice big problem to solve.

Relationships, how about that one? They’re crucial to our wellbeing, but very often we simply stop working on a relationship when it grows weak, instead of tightening the bond.

Now to me, even those high-level, big-consequence problems aren’t even the priority or the most important.

For me, the biggest ‘problem to solve’ is: How to be a little bit better all the time, every day – how do *I* improve?

Because for my marketing system to work, I need to be someone people want to work with.

For me to have healthy and meaningful relationships, I need to be someone people want to have a relationship with.

It’s not enough to want awesome things in life: you’ve got to become the kind of person who is able to create those awesome things.

A person who believes marketing is evil and expects people to just show up money in hand, is a person who will struggle. You need to be a person who wants to create their own ethical marketing.

A person who clings to a habit of self-recrimination will constantly bang into self-created glass ceilings, but a person who practices self-awareness and works to change the inner dialogue is someone who breaks through those glass ceilings, one at a time.

If you’re going to choose a problem to work on, best is to pick a big one.

And the biggest ‘problem to solve’?

That would be: To get what you want in life… who do you need to BE?

It might sound weird, to prioritise identity when there’s so many plates to spin and fires to put out.

But if you solve the upmost top-level problem (your identity) you’ll find all other problems in life suddenly become easier to solve.

Me, I refuse to solve small problems. I want to work on the big ones.

So what small problems will you stop working on, so as to commit to solving the big ones?



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