Priorities Don’t Exist

You know, some days I wonder if I’m sane.

“Priorities don’t exist” – for real, Martin?

Yep, very real.

And yes, no worries: I’m pretty sane.

Oh by the way, did I ever tell you my father was a motorised coffee pot?

Anyway, let’s get serious:

‘Priorities’ is a word that stems from 14th century Latin: Prior.

And ‘prior’ means: first.

Can you tell me how many things can be first?

That’s right: only one.

For some reason, the previous century saw the usage and meaning shift, and these days we talk (and think!) in terms of having several priorities.

But that’s simply not possible.

There’s only one priority, ever.

This became very clear to me today, reading a book called ‘The ONE Thing’, which goes on at length about, yes, how to choose one thing, one priority to focus on.

It’s a long read, but I’ll give you the core message:

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Think about that for a while, and then a while longer.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the choices and distractions and opportunities, but all we end up doing is multitask our little tush off, and most likely make little progress.

But if you take just one thing and really focus all your attention and effort on it, you’ll see real progress, and faster than you thought possible.

So let me try to help you:

You go and think about the answer to that question, and then you send me an email to tell me what that one thing is.

I’ll reply back and give you my best tip or advice on how to do it or do it more efficiently.



Thinking cap on… GO!



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