Power to the markets: How the Internet Emancipates You, the Consumer

When I just started writing salescopy, I thought I’d gone over to the dark side.

After all, from monk to marketer is a fair leap.

A small library worth of reading about ethics, and a few weeks of serious meditative contemplation later, I had come to a resolution of my dilemma:

Ethical sales are possible. It’s tricky, but it can be done.

So I happily set out on my freelance career, and now we’re a few years later.

Ethical Marketing MARK II

You as a consumer, you no longer any take lip from marketing types. Especially if you yourself are also in business.

Consumers don’t want hype: they want proper information. They want to be educated and informed.

People see through shoddy practices and increasingly move to the companies that are open and transparent.

We simply prefer doing business with people who make sure we know exactly what we’re buying, and why.

Why Do You Think Content Marketing Is Growing So Fast?

We demand to know what we’re buying, from whom, and why.

We insist on being properly informed.

To meet that demand, marketing itself is becoming a tool for the dissemination of knowledge.

The internet helps us there immensely, of course. But it’s a boon as well as a bane.

The slightest mishap in your company can bring down a landslide – we’ve all seen PR disasters go completely viral, and wreak havoc on all kinds of reputations.

A Google search for ‘funny PR disaster’ should give you some interesting results.

The fact that the internet allows us to publicly post our opinions means that companies can no longer afford to look like assholes.

The Internet Gives Power Back to the Consumer

Marketers and Businesses Have No Choice But to Follow Suit

The beauty of it all is that exactly because of the increased transparency and the conversations our clients are having while we’re not looking; we’re being forced to be honest.

We’re gradually being placed in a position where ethics and honesty are not just an added benefit to your marketing strategy:

Ethics, transparency and honesty are becoming a sine qua non for any healthy business.

What about you? Would you ‘close the sale’ even if you know the buyer won’t benefit from your product?

Would you hide or obfuscate important details, and hope they won’t notice? And if they do notice that their purchase was the wrong decision, just issue a refund?

Would you – in short – go for the long tail, or would you prefer to just make a quick buck?

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