Plan or No Plan?

Do you ever get the feeling that there’s a plan?

Things happen that are so perfectly aligned, it’s almost as if it’s been prepared for you by some mastermind?

Random occurrences that are so randomly perfect, they just can’t be random.

Coincidences that are just too good to be true.

Opportunities that appear exactly at the right time.

People who show up in your life and unlock doors for you.

Insights that come right when you need it, and your life speeds up.

Ever get that kind of feeling?

I don’t think that it’s a plan. I don’t believe in predestination, and I don’t think there’s a Great Director up in the clouds who orchestrates your life for you.

There’s no Grand Author who has written the plan for your life.

And yet: it’s undeniable that very often, it looks like there is some sort of plan.

Especially when you look back at your life. The plan is right there, right behind you.

So what gives?

Plan or no plan?

Ok, so there is a plan, but it hasn’t been written yet.

It’s a plan that you write in your life and for your life, as you go along.

Each decision and each inquisitive perception and each question you ask…

Every yes and every no you utter… that is you writing the plan.

This way of seeing life, where there both is a plan and there isn’t, is what gives you enormous power and agility in life.

See, we are handicapped by our insistence on binary thinking.

Something either is, or isn’t.

True or false. Good or bad. Fast or slow.

But that’s not how life works.

There is no or-or.

Everything, always, is and-and.

And yes, I know that’s impossible to understand. That’s exactly why the mystics and sages throughout history have told us this.

And-and, not or-or.

It’s like a koan: a riddle that has no answer.

And the longer you swish it round in your mind, the more perceptive you become to the way in which you are writing your own plan.

And when that happens, you start to become a better author of your plan, with every line you write.

I’ll help you get better at it, if you want. Just say the word.



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