Phoenixes and Other Myths

Wouldn’t you just love to wake up transformed tomorrow? Full creativity, manifest purpose, laserlike concentration any time you want it… To wake up with every shortcoming fixed?

A productivity machine, with unfaltering loving kindness and 0 procrastination… wouldn’t you want that?

Yeah, me too.

But I’ve stopped hoping. Because phoenix-like transformation rarely happens.

And if it does, it’s usually as a consequence of dramatic events – a near-death experience, a grave illness… that’s the kind of thing that can shake people up so much, that everything changes in an instant.

For most people – the vast majority – change happens in increments.

Little improvements, over time, adding up… that’s how you create change in yourself.

In Japan, hey call it Kaizen.

And the problem is that it isn’t sexy. It doesn’t feel or sounds awesome.

Instead, it’s constant effort, it’s slow growth, and it requires dedication and commitment and practice.

Much like losing weight, really.

Sure you can go on a crash diet and lose lots of kilos in a few weeks. But we all know that it won’t last.

It’s constant effort, over time, that causes the change in your physique and your metabolism.

And the same thing with inner change and personal improvement.

You can’t buy transformation. You can’t upgrade yourself by willing it to be so.

That’s why my Calibrate Reality programme is only fit for a very small set of people:

Those who are willing to do the work.

Because here’s a curious fact: those who believe in Phoenix-like transformation are typically the ones who avoid doing the work, because ‘my time will come’. As if there’s a miracle in store for them.

Whereas those who commit to the practice of gradual improvement don’t bother with dreams of dramatic change.

Instead, they forget about the outcome and dedicate themselves to the day-to-day practice.

Yes, patience matters. Grit and persistence too.

Phoenixes? Not so much.

So, what camp are you in?

If you believe today is fine because ‘tomorrow’ (whenever that tomorrow may come) something magical will turn everything around for you, I can’t help you.

But if you’re aware that any change in life is something you create – and earn – then perhaps we should talk. Because if you’re willing to shoulder the job of personal transformation, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that make will help.

After all, I’ve practiced Kaizen for 25 years, and I daresay I’ve become fairly deft at gradual improvement. And I can show you how to do it for yourself…

But ONLY if you’re ready to… you guessed it… do the work.

Are you?



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