Oy Vey… Should I Be the Reluctant Leader…?

My mastermind buddies have been giving me a hard time lately.

This mastermind is not to be confused with The Cabal Mastermind group – the two are separate and different.

The Cabal is a team of clients, who I coach weekly.

Whereas my mastermind is a small private team of peers, and we coach each other.

Anyway, these guys have been on my case like Columbo.

Saying that this Cabal I started is so cool, so important, and should be the core of my coaching proposition.

Not in the sense of stopping one on one coaching, but really leaning into this new role I found, as leader of a movement.

And boy… how I resist that.

I never had the ambition to be a leader, and I’m not sure I do now.

That said, I have to accept that with what I created, there’s a definite inner-circle thing going on.

Everyone I work with, be it one on one clients or Cabal members, everyone wants to create deep inner change.

Has a big ambition, and an unstoppable drive.

And I have to say it: I’m SO impressed with the sheer stick-with-it-ness of my clients.

It’s deeply gratifying, and humbling to know I’m allowed to hold this space for them.

So ok, yes. I’m choosing to follow this advice my buddies are giving me.

I’ll step up to the plate, and I welcome you… into the fold of The Cabal.

Want to know what pushed me over the edge?

A comment that a Cabal member posted in our private facebook group, after our last meeting:


CABAL increases…. in ourselves, our business, eachother






~ Leigh Shenton, resin artist


When I read that, it confirmed what my buddies have been telling me for weeks now.

That what I do works, and should be adopted by more people.

Would that be you?

I don’t know – you tell me.



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