Ooh – My Favourite: Big Boys Making Big Mistakes

I read a lot. Really a lot. It’s part of my work.

I’ve tried speed reading a few times, but never found a system that works for me.

Until last week, when I found a brand new site called Spritz.

These guys built a system so effective, I was speed reading at 600 words per minute almost instantly.

And, without any learning curve whatsoever.

Amazing. I WANT that app.

And quite likely, so do you, and millions of other people on the planet.

But here is where Spritz has already lost: they don’t seem to give one pair of rats testicles about you or me.

You go to the site, and they go: “Try our live demo, and if you’re a developer we’d like you to sign up”.

Which is all fine and fair, but what about the people who actually will be using the app, once it’s developed and released?

I don’t know about you, but if I was going to launch a revolutionary learning method, based on solid science like those guys did, I’d make it my first priority to collect names and email addresses.

You know, so that once my app is live, I could mail them a “We’re live, click here to download”.

These guy over at Spritz, they’ve been getting massive exposure over the last few days.

And they deserve it.

And, they’ve thrown it all away, completely ignoring scores of visitors that are already hot to become an active user base

But what if they did this on purpose? What if their strategy is ‘reach out to developers first, connect with users later’?

My point still stands: it’s stupid.

A viral effect just gave them massive traffic.

And in all that traffic, of which the majority were users and not developers, they did nothing whatsoever to appeal to those users. Let alone establish a relationship and a permission to send updates.

Pity, lost chance.

Ouch, yes? I’ll say.

Which is why people hire me as a consultant, to make sure this kind of mishap doesn’t happen.

Had Spritz been my client, they would have had a nice friendly optin form on their homepage, and they’d have built a powerful, early-adopter list that could have been converted into beta-testers at the send of an email. To name but a sensible, useful example for a startup.

But hey, different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Me, I’d have started with a list, because you know, it’s where they say the money is to be found

Which brings me back to that consulting: if you want to build a list, and engage with your subscribers, and make sure you’re not making mistakes that will cost you tons of money to fix later on…

… like launching a new business without any list building built in … wtf…

Then you could do worse than get me to work with you.

For example, as a writing mentor. Which includes some consulting – at least enough to make sure you get the basics right.

The ins and the outs, over there –> http://www.martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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