The One Thing… And it Could Change Your Life

Last year I interviewed the gentleman who used to be my abbot.

I asked: “If there’s one thing, one message, the single most important thing you’d want to share with the world…

“What would it be?”

He didn’t pause for thought, and said:

“Listen to life”.

And yes, I’m still trying to digest that one.

Turns out there’s layer after layer in that simple statement.

So let me rework the question for you, for your own life:

If you had to bid farewell to someone you care about deeply…

For example, your godson emigrating…

What would be the one lesson, the single most important recommendation you could impress upon that person?

Think about it…

What’s the one thing you wish your loved ones to live by?

Got it?


Now let’s take it up a level.

What if you would make your entire life, your every choice and every act…

…originate from that single message?

Paint, cook, dance, sing, create… everything springing forth from that one thing, the one thing they should always remember?

Live like that, and everything changes.

But only everything.

Because when you live out of the highest and most important value, you add a tangible purpose that will direct you and that will be irresistible to others.

What’s your one thing?

Do you dare to start living all out, originating from that place?


Also published on Medium.

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